7/5/2017 From the Middle Passage

I’m disheartened that many don’t seem to care about their origin, or have a desire for their children to glean from them. Let me state, our story did not start with slavery, although this remains a great injustice that plagues our nation. No, we were Kings, Queens, Artisans, Mathematicians, Educators, Attorneys, Doctors, etc, and we can become them again. This is the history we must learn and teach our children. Parents have the responsibility to nurture, discipline and educate that which they bring into the world. This is why parenting is so important. I created a website and production to bring awareness of this fact, called “From the Middle Passage” (FTMP) that chronicles our journey from Africa to the Age of Obama. We are “called” to attend historical ceremonies, elections, celebrations, graduations, (Kwanzaa, Black History Month, PTA meetings, parent conferences, sporting events,city council meetings) and all activities that bring awareness and victory to the plight of Black Americans. Don’t get me wrong, I am not Anti-White or against any other ethnicity, but I am Pro-Black. I want us to be proud of who we are and what we have become. I have friends of all ethnic backgrounds, religions and genders, but they know where I stand. The election of Barack H. Obama was more than electing a Black president. It was historic on several fronts. A much needed and “powerful” voice was heard and respected. The African American museum in Washington D.C. is our history “up close and personal.” I have not visited yet, but plan to get there soon. I believe that the knowledge of one’s history remains the single most important aspect of life. It has been quoted: "Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it."

Let us not be a people who repeats these injustices. How can you get tired of learning about you? How can you get tired of hearing about you? Why does a presentation about “you” have to be flowery or hold your attention? If it bores you, say something! If improvement is needed, suggest it! Let us learn, grow and teach others. Time is of the essence. READ powerful information that can be verified as truth. ATTEND ceremonies, workshops, marches that empower Black America. BUY goods and services from Blacks who are reputable. TEACH young people their history and expect them to educate their villages. WORSHIP your GOD, live circumspectly and empower others to do so. The responsibility belongs to “you.”

Rev. Dr. Stefanie R. Minatee

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